Welcome to the Freeflight Experience

  • Have you dreamt of soaring like a bird?
  • Are you curious about the sport of hang gliding, but don’t know if it is for you?
  • Are you a VR flight-simmer, wanting extreme realism without the steep learning curve of study-level airplane simulators?
  • Already a hang glider pilot?  Looking for a way to improve your soaring skills?
  • Panning a hang gliding trip and wanting to familiarize yourself with a site, or to attempt a new cross-country route.
  • If you have retired from the sport, perhaps you wish to relive some of your past flying memories.
  • Maybe you are thinking about returning to the sport after a lay-off, and are looking for something to help you get comfortable in the air.

The Freeflight Experience is a Virtual Reality flight simulator. It runs on both a PC connected to a VR headset.

It was created to give everyone a taste of what it is really like to fly a hang glider, and also give hang glider pilots of all levels a safe way to practice, expand and advance their knowledge and flying skills. It is a tool that instructors can use to help their students grasp important concepts in the safest possible way.

The software brings together state of the art aerodynamic simulation, terrain and atmospheric models, with leading edge computer graphics to offer the player a challenging and realistic, yet approachable game experience.

Featuring some of the world’s most spectacular flying sites, it allows the player to customize the flying conditions to suit their needs or to download flying conditions from a particular date and location using historic atmospheric measurements.

It can be played while sitting at your desk, or while hanging in harness and control frame for the ultimate virtual hang gliding experience.

Whatever your goal, the Freeflight Experience will help you realize your soaring dreams.