About the Freeflight Experience

The Freeflight Experience was designed for both hang glider pilot training and entertainment. It was created by a Master rated pilot, aeronautical engineer, and simulation software developer to help pilots maintain currency, to teach the concepts of thermal and ridge soaring, meteorology, competition strategy and aeronautical decision making. The developer, a former Advanced Hang Gliding Instructor, has amassed over 4000 hours of flight time in hang gliders, since he first picked up a wing in 1974.

Because of the emphasis on pilot education, and not simply entertainment, we have focused on recreating many of the most important cues and effects that influence the flight behavior of a modern hang glider. Please see https://freeflightexperience.com/features/ for a complete list of modeled factors.

This PC VR application features a global high resolution terrain model that is streamed to your computer as you fly, allowing your flights to venture beyond the bounds of a limited map, and detailed atmospheric and updraft models to help recreate both ridge soaring and thermal soaring experiences. There is a defeatured Meta Quest2 standalone version in early testing, not requiring a powerful PC.

Because we provide streamed terrain over the network, a robust internet connection is required to run the application.