The Freeflight Experience B1.49 Instant Download


Instant Download .zip file containing Windows Installer


Shortly after you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with a software activation code that is entered the first time the program is run. This  email is  frequently flagged as SPAM or Junk.  Please check these folders if you don’t receive email confirmation of your purchase in ten minutes or so.

You can purchase the open beta version of The Freeflight Experience here.  To use this software, you will need a gaming PC ( ), and a VR system with hand controllers. The software has been tested and confirmed to work with the Meta (Oculus) Rift and Rift-S, Quest and Quest-2 or 3 using link cable, airlink or Virtual Desktop software, and the HP Reverb G2. We recommend as a minimum PC configuration an i7 processor 3.5-5.1 GHz, and a GeForce 2080Ti or equivalent GPU. An internet connection is required for registration and gameplay.

We plan to continue to improve and refine the software over this coming year, incorporating your feedback and ideas.

You will be provided updates as the program is refined, and the final version upon release.

Download the .zip file, and “unzip” to a temporary folder.  Run the installer and review the “”.

Before you can run the program, you must enter the license string provided to you by email.   This can be entered using the supplied program “ActivationDialog.exe”.  Once the license has been confirmed, the program will be activated and can be run simply by clicking on the desktop icon.

Your computer must be connected to the internet when you are playing the game, as terrain is streamed rather than included in the downloaded game.

Welcome to Hang Gliding and the Freeflight Experience.